level: safe

is a christmas tree with 30 ornaments, its a size of 2 full grown men. everytime someone looks away or blinks theres more and more presents under the tree, the presents can be very succesful games, the most favorited movies (ones you don't have), clothes and toys.

the tree is made out of a bunch of trees chopped down so the tree isn't a real tree but made by other christmas trees. the thing is that the tree ornaments are very strange like a naked lady, nazi ornaments, bloody ornaments and more.

if you try taking any detail on the tree you will have a seizure and die. meaning that you can't get any of the gifts. any one that even sees the tree will die from the worse diseases that ever happened to man kind. any gifts put under the tree will explode in fire. the tree is leaves are yellow.

after the trees deaths its been locked up.