Man Elephant Bird is a creature that stars in a never seen ad of the deodorant axe, and that's for a reason. Workers of Axe were thinking of a mascot for there product since old spice has one. So the workers then though of there favorite animals , one workers favorite animal was a elephant and the workers favorite animal was a parrot.

So they thought argued which animal they would use until a 3rd employee suggested why not a hybrid. The employee's thought it was a great idea accept the mascot would look very very strange so the 4th employee got involved and said how about a man elephant bird. They all thought that was the best idea ever. So they decided that to be there mascot but one day on a employee's birthday a employee came and said his present was in his truck.

when they went there it was a real man elephant bird hybrid created by scientist, chained to the walls . The creature looked slightly healthy and looked as it angry. It was struggling to keep on its feet. The birthday employee was shocked , but he loved it. They then pushed the creature out of the truck cutting the chains.

The birthday man took the man elephant bird inside and treated it as a pet.

The next day they took the creature to work to film a ad using it. In the middle of the ad the creature went insane and rammed into a employee killing him. The employee's ran out of the building as the creature went insane in the building killing people, the military then showed up and shot the creature to death.

The dead creature was dissected and was sold on ebay for 5 dollars.