level: very dangerous

octoblood is this red octopus with spikes on its tentacles and has 10 tentacles and black human like eyes. octoblood is a land octopus and was discovered during war, these soldiers ran in a cave too hide but the octopus killed both of them by stabbing. octoblood is 12 feet big and makes ghostly moans. after that the whole soldier team died from octoblood, the people who ever see him will probaly be dead from octoblood if he's not contained, octoblood can tear open steel walls so its hard to catch him when octobloods also extremely fast, octoblood can cast out purple fire balls and anyone who is 15 feet close to octoblood will get a strange dissease wear your skin gets red and melts, but octoblood is captured and contained in the fake scp foundation.

octoblood distroyed 11 different cities and everyone got the dissease, octoblood is now contained in its cage and can't escape.