level: kinda dangerous

is a high school thats made of bricks and has human hair on it, inside the school is a bunch of graffiti and no signs of life but haunted by demons. inside the lockers is full of crime scene photos and full of nasty rats and spiders.

inside the classrooms is a bunch of pentagons and 666 written all over it, the school is like the school for demons but nope, people just say its freaks that try scaring people but no.

hallways will spin some times, and objects will be flying towards you, in the middle floor theres a giant beating heart in a room, inside the walls is a bunch of blood tubes and more.

the stairs sometimes leads to dead ends and doors that can't open. if you stand on the floor for like 1 minute the floor will be slowley pushing down.

everyone who visits the building is never seen again.