level: kinda dangerous

this scp is a talent show that happened in the school. 2 teenagers were making a play with a cop costume and a robber costume but they accidently fell down the stairs and got stabbed by the microphone in the heart. they both died. school was out for a week, the cops were all over the scene but after the cops were there there been paranormal activity in there houses and the cops died.

after everyone came back to the school they all dissapeared on the day. the school is now abandoned and weird satanic symbols and a bunch of blood been appearing all over the school and theres no more power in it. in the GYM where they had the talent show, if you sit in a chair you will be cursed, if you step in the school you'll be cursed. in the talent show if you dare to step on it the ghost will grab you and rape you then tourture you to death.

the school is now caged and can't be seen for the public.