level: safe

is a old wooden house. inside it looks like a normal house but without a floor. it has a never ending pit instead of a floor. walls are normal and the sofas and decorations float. after going in the house, everywhere you go wouldn't have a floor.

letters about the house Edit

hello i love my new house :D . it looks neat but doesn't have a floor. can you make me a floor?

letter 2 Edit

ok you saw my letter and shred'd it like it was nothing, i really would like a floor in my house. i don't dare to take the steps down the pit down there is so cold and purple and scary. please make me a floor

letter 3 Edit

OK! you saw my letter and still shred'd it! i command you to make me a floor! i'm tired of sleeping in a floating bed fearing i will fall!!! if you shred this letter i will call the police!

letter 4 Edit

whats happening D: . my house now doesn't have any lights. it now doesn't even have walls. and its really windy. i hear screaming under my bed and i can't seem to turn my TV off static. help!

letter 5 Edit

i'm dying. i'm so alone. don't have friends anymore. my house is now complete black. its to late for me *puts gun to head* life is good but not means for me